Pasha Automotive Services

First opened in 1990, this state-of-the art automotive terminal operation now offers a 180-acre facility exclusively controlled by Pasha with five berths, up to 4,275 feet in length, draft of 35 feet, over eight acres of processing facilities undercover, 120 rail car spaces served by the BNSF and ready access to major highways and rail connections. This strategically placed port facility has experienced continuous expansion and currently processes up to 400,000 units annually. The terminal includes post-production facilities where factory-trained mechanics accessorize the vehicles to produce a dealer-ready product. At the heart of the San Diego operation is a management team dedicated to quality, service and customer satisfaction. Pasha's maritime services manages stevedoring operations.

ISO 9001 Certified


157-acre terminal
5,375 linear feel of 35 foot draft berthing
Can Accommodate up to four vessels simultaneously
Complete postproduction facility for paint and body repair
Automated car wash / fallout wash
Real-time radio frequency inventory management 5 multi-purpose rail-ramp loaders
120 railcar positions

Pasha Automotive Services
1309 Bay Marina Drive
National City, CA 91950
United States
(619) 419-1200
(619) 477-0179