Oversized cargo arrives in Hawaii.

Pasha Hawaii's largest heavy lift cargo ever moved - Siemens' Power Engineering turbine & generator.

Pasha Logistics Services

Pasha's Logistics Services plans and executes the movement of large, oversized, heavy lift cargo in the global marketplace by bundling the appropriate specialized service truckers, terminals, packers and ocean carriers to deliver goods to their final destination.

Leveraging our network of logistics professionals worldwide, The Pasha Group is able to handle any international shipment. From LTL cargo to containerized and heavy oversized cargo, we transport shipments of every size to almost every country in the world. Pasha consolidates volumes tendered to underlying providers, to give our customers the best possible service at the lowest rates. Knowledgeable in local shipping laws and customs regulations, our team ships your freight in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Pasha's solutions bring focus and expertise to meet your specific needs.

Our passionate team assures every detail is attended to and that your product is delivered timely and efficiently. Most importantly, your satisfaction and earning your trust is our number one goal.

For international shipments of automobiles and over high and wide cargo, see www.pashainternationalshipping.com.