The Pasha Group is a third-generation family owned corporation that has always had a strong sense of ethics, if informally stated over the years. Several years ago, The Pasha Group executive management team worked together to formulate a strategic plan to define what makes Pasha stand out from our competition and set forth the company's goals and objectives. What made Pasha so effective? The company’s roots were formed decades ago in 1947, so hard work and discipline were clearly part of the picture. However, strong values and an ethical Code of Conduct were also important to Pasha’s past success and would continue to be important for future success.

Employees and their business associates need to understand Pasha’s expectations and have a resource available should they have questions or concerns. Thus The Pasha Way was conceived as a strong foundation that outlines the values of The Pasha Group, and from which the company’s Code of Conduct has developed. These values and ethics, combined with Pasha’s mission, competitive advantage, celebration of legacy and history of success, provide the stepping stones for the future. They also strongly emphasize the importance of business integrity to the past and future success of The Pasha Group.

Core Values

Excellence – The Pasha Group is committed to world-class customer service and quality as we excel for the mutual success of our clients, employees, and partners. Our professionals are customer-driven and continually add value to our services whenever it benefits our clients. We are committed to working toward continual improvement in everything we do.

Honesty and Integrity - Our business is based on long-term relationships that require utmost trust. We require honesty and integrity in everything we do. We are accountable to our customers, owners, suppliers and fellow employees. We do what we say we are going to do.

Innovation - We always think outside the box to provide the best solutions for our clients, which often evolve from discussions across different divisions as well as with our many strategic partners.

Teamwork - We realize that every employee is integral to the success of the company and we strive to promote teamwork across divisional lines for the benefit of our customers.


The Pasha Group has taken numerous steps to reinforce these values and to provide educational tools that help our employees integrate them into their everyday life. We appointed a Director of Ethics, established an employee hotline and, have developed an ongoing ethics training program to reflect our commitment to conducting business in a manner that is above reproach. The highest level of management plays a major role in guiding and making this program a living process. We strive to achieve Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork in all of our dealings with our stakeholders—customers, suppliers, partners, employees and the communities in which we conduct business.

The Pasha Group Ethics Office has three primary functions:

  • To ensure that business policies and practices continue to be aligned with ethical principles
  • To clearly communicate ethical expectations
  • To provide a channel for feedback through which people can ask questions, voice concerns and seek resolution to ethical issues.

Pasha’s Code of Conduct guides us in our daily decisions and actions. Every member of the team must accept and commit to the responsibility to conduct business in the most ethical manner possible.

A reputation and track record for ethics and integrity is vital for establishing the trust that is the basis for all successful business relationships. We continually strive for excellence. We recognize that no one is perfect all the time, but a commitment to excellence is our goal, and we ask for your feedback when we exceed your expectations or fall short.

Corporate Governance Overview

The Pasha Group has strong documented requirements for ethical business practices:

Ethics Contact Information:

Kay Bethancourt 
Ethics Program Manager
(415) 927-6482


Toll-Free Telephone:
English speaking USA and Canada: 833-610-0060
Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

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