Respecting our environment is a responsibility that The Pasha Group takes seriously. Efficient, safe operations and sustainability are the hallmark of our Company and the foundation of our commitment to our environment. In the interest of our customers, employees and planet, we are firmly committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and continually develop, promote and implement solutions and services that sustain our environment. Our commitment includes:

Our Business Operations

We are committed to measuring and monitoring our environmental footprint, reducing our energy consumption, transportation related carbon emissions and consumables’ usage and waste.

Our Customers

We seek to promote the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable options for our customers. We work with our customers and partners to foster life-cycle and environmental thinking to ensure that environmental impacts are minimized during all of our operations – on land and sea.

Our People

Our commitment to growing our business sustainably starts with our employees. Each of our employees takes pride in contributing to our sustainability practices. Whether it’s using timer lights in our restrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc. or print using double-sided printing – we all contribute to being a part of the solution. A few examples of our ongoing efforts include:

Office kitchens stock ceramic mugs instead of paper cups.. Pasha has comprehensive recycling program throughout all of our facilities. All computers are turned off each night, saving $3000 in energy costs and 43,150 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions yearly.