Pure Car Truck Carrier Takes on World Class Racing Yachts

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

(Corte Madera, CA) – www.pashahawaii.com – Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines has been selected to ship several world class racing yachts from Hawaii to San Diego on its new Roll-on/Roll-off ship, the MV Jean Anne. The yachts recently competed in the Transpacific Yacht Races (Transpac) from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Covering 2,225 nautical miles, the Transpac is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious long-distance ocean races. First sailed in 1906, this year marked the centennial celebration of the event and brought contenders from 12 states, six countries and four continents.

Yachts returning to the Mainland on the Jean Anne included some of the largest sailboats in the race and three division winners: Reinrag2, Division III winner; Tabasco, Division IV winner; Soap Opera, Division V winner; along with other top contenders Calisto; Trader; Pegasus, and two Division I maxi yachts, Windquest and Genuine Risk. Both Division I boats eclipsed the former Transpac record set by Roy Disney's Pyewacket in 1999.

Jean Anne is the first and only Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) to operate between the Mainland and Hawaii.

The 579-foot vessel has 10 fully-enclosed decks, three of which are specifically designed to accommodate over-sized cargo. Because of their exceptional length, Windquest and Genuine Risk, at 85 and 90 feet in length, posed a unique challenge to load. Precise calculations were required to ensure adequate overhead clearance at the top of the stern ramp. Ballast was used to lower the stern during loading, creating the ideal angle for the ramp in Honolulu. The extensive pre-planning resulted in a successful shipping process with the first yachts arriving in San Diego on August 9, 2005.

"Pasha's experience with over high and wide dates back over 30 years," said George Pasha IV, president of Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines. "The Jean Anne is an extension of that knowledge and experience. Since her first voyage, she has carried everything from small boats to escalators with ease. Now she can add world class sailing yachts to her growing list of success stories."