Pasha Helps Save the Golden Gate Park Windmills

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

It was a media frenzy as city officials, project partners, donors and interested parties gathered June 26, 2002 at the base of the 97-year-old Muprhy Windmill in Golden Gate Park. They were there to witness the dismantling of the windmill's dome and pump mechanism as the first step in the restoration this historical San Francisco landmark.

As there were no means available locally to repair the 97-year-old parts, the rotating cap and its 13,000-pound gear had to be removed from the top of the 95-foot high South Windmill and shipped to The Netherlands for refurbishing. The Pasha Group was selected to provide the logistics for this project because of their proven track record in managing challenging jobs. Completion of all the arrangements took almost a month from the time Pasha was first contacted.

After determining the requirements, Pasha obtained a booking from the ocean carrier and arranged for insurance and all the customs documentation for an in-transit type of move, as the windmill parts would eventually be returning to the U.S.

For the dismantling procedure, two shipping containers and a large crane were delivered to the construction site.

The complicated process was completed without incident and the rotating cap and gear were successfully loaded into the massive shipping containers for truck transport to the Port of Oakland. Pasha then tracked the containers to their destination in Rotterdam where they were delivered to Verbij Hoogmade BV.

Once the parts are restored and new sails are built they will be shipped back to San Francisco for reinstallation at the top of the giant structure. Pasha will arrange for the logistics on the return trip and take all necessary precautions to ensure their safe return.