Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines' Jean Anne Goes "Green"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines is pleased to announce the completion of major retrofitting of the company flagship Jean Anne in response to new environmental regulations in California requiring the burning of low sulfur fuel within 24 miles of the coast and alongside. Marine diesel oil is a lighter and cleaner fuel, and will support the Jean Anne's propulsion system via two hundred meters of new piping. The retrofitting was accomplished with no downtime or impact to the vessel's sailing schedule between California and Hawaii.

Additional environmentally-friendly upgrades to the Jean Anne'sengine include the installation of slide valves in each of the cylinders of the main engine, which will result in cleaner combustion and reduced emissions at all times – a benefit to Hawaii as the vessel travels between islands.

The slide valves also contribute to the efficiency of the engine and lengthen the time between required servicing.

"We are keenly aware of our responsibility to protect the environment," said George Pasha, III, "and are pleased to be able to invest in environmentally friendly technology."

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