Pasha Automotive Services Goes Green!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It has retrofitted lighting, replaced gas-guzzling vehicles with Segways and hybrids, and adopted a large recycling program – and now Pasha Automotive Services is participating in a groundbreaking effort to improve its sustainability. Pasha imports, exports and customizes automobiles at the Port of San Diego's National City Marine Terminal. It is among the 67 businesses along San Diego Bay participating in the Green Port Business Challenge.

And already, they are seeing how adopting environmental initiatives also affects its bottom line. "We assembled a team in January 2011 to take the energy audit ahead of the Green Business Challenge," said John Pasha, the vice president of Pasha Automotive Services. "In two short months, we've already seen about a four to five percent decrease in energy usage. We've implemented a lot of ideas and we look forward to seeing those trends continue downward and realize savings on our energy bill." As a company, Pasha is also doing its part to create a "culture of conserving energy," company-wide.

"We found through our newsletter and our different green events that we have locally that we can really make this a sustainable facility in partnership with the Port of San Diego and the Green Business Challenge," Pasha said.