Volume 17
Presidents Message
Consistent with our growth strategy, Horizon’s Hawaii trade lane assets, including Hawaii Stevedores and Sea-Logix, were targeted due to their strategic complement to Pasha’s existing core business. With the additional Jones Act vessels as part of our fleet, Pasha Hawaii meets a long-time goal of providing our customers with a wider offering of competitive, high-quality, scheduled shipping and logistics services for containers, refrigerated goods, and a variety of roll-on/roll-off cargoes. The four Hawaii vessels add capability and scale to our existing liner operation. Marjorie C provides the ability to handle containers at a lower cost and greater environmental efficiency. Pasha Hawaii’s weekly service is maximized when Marjorie C and Jean Anne are fully utilized for vehicles and containers off one of the newly acquired Horizon vessels. This transaction, nevertheless, did not come without challenges to our existing well-trained staff, our new Horizon members, and, most importantly, to our current and new customers. With this acquisition, we faced many unexpected obstacles and we are working daily to close the gaps that have occurred in our service offerings. Pasha is a full-service transportation company, and, as such, our primary goal is to provide innovative and the most comprehensive service to our customers. Since we finalized the acquisition, we have made substantial changes to our operational systems to facilitate the movement of cargo to and from the Hawaiian Islands, and through working closely with our customers we have made significant progress in improving the quality of service you have come to expect from Pasha. The most positive outcome has been the opportunity to combine two very capable and professional teams and meld them into a high-performing organization, passionate about supporting one another with a win-win philosophy on behalf of their customers and The Pasha Group. I am extremely proud of the talented and capable staff we have put together, comprised of both Horizon and Pasha team players. They are the right people at the right time, and I am grateful for their contributions. Your ongoing feedback is of great importance to us, and I encourage you to continue to contact us with your comments. We are eager to support your business, gain your trust and confidence, and to regain any business we may have lost during our transitioning of the Horizon business activities. Our sales, operations and administration teams are here to serve. They are proud of what they have accomplished so far and as quickly as they could. Thank you for your ongoing support, and I look forward to creating much material success going forward. George W. Pasha, IV