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Michael Ohashi

General Manager, Sales, Pasha Hawaii

Michael Ohashi (Honolulu) got his start in the maritime shipping industry right out of  college. He received a call from the University of Hawaii and his former professor recommended him for a management trainee opening at U.S. Lines.  Mike’s first job was helping the equipment control team track equipment in and out. Back then, there were no computer systems, just a “T-card” system where each container status was updated using the interchanges on a daily basis.  Over the years, Mike’s work assignments have taken him to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Guam. He returned to Hawaii after the Guam stint.  “I learned a lot about the business during my years in Guam. Running the office there, you experience  all business activity,” explained Mike. “We  had  our own trucking division there that helped us service the military business. At the time, we also had a growing garment business out of Saipan, shipping eastbound to the mainland.”

Mike came on board with Pasha Hawaii’s container division in 2015 as Sales Manager, from Horizon Lines, Inc. Since then, his role has evolved to work more closely with local operations and with Pasha Hawaii’s over-high-and-wide (OHW) cargo team. Today, Mike and his team promote both services to customers who see us as one service offering a diverse portfolio, with container, OHW, and storage capabilities.  Each day brings a new set of opportunities to  secure additional business, entertain visitors, help resolve issues, and keep customer data updated.  It’s no surprise that Mike’s customers frequently say great things about him, as he infuses a spirit of aloha in his daily customer interactions.

“It’s key to thank customers for their business,” said Mike. “It goes a long way when you show appreciation for their support. It’s important to take care of the small to medium customers too, as they truly appreciate the personal attention and service.”

“Persistence beats resistance.”

Mike’s favorite part of the job is working  with  his team  to  achieve  success.  He  also  enjoys  learning about a customer’s business, helping them to identify solutions, and working with them over time to see them succeed and support our business more.  When Mike isn’t delivering on sales goals, he can be found cheering on his daughter, Caitlin, at her swim and track meets, golfing, and fishing.  One fun fact about Mike is that he was at the world series game between the San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland Athletics in 1989 at Candlestick Park. The 6.9  Loma Prieta earthquake hit about 30 minutes before the game began. He said it was the best game he never saw!

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Hawaii, and an MBA from Hawaii Pacific University.

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